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Last Updated: Dec 31 18:00:00
·ESS Unix doc

Last Updated: Dec 31 18:00:00
·Building sendmail


SANS Internet Storm Center
Last Updated: Oct 23 20:18:02
·Infocon: green
·ISC Stormcast For Monday, October 24th 2016, (Sun, Oct 23rd)
· ISC Briefing: Large DDoS Attack Against Dyn, (Sun, Oct 23rd)
· Request for Packets TCP 4786 - CVE-2016-6385, (Sat, Oct 22nd)
· DDoS Attack, (Fri, Oct 21st)
· How Stolen iOS Devices Are Unlocked, (Fri, Oct 21st)
· ISC Stormcast For Friday, October 21st 2016, (Thu, Oct 20th)
· Malspam delivers NanoCore RAT, (Thu, Oct 20th)
· ISC Stormcast For Thursday, October 20th 2016, (Wed, Oct 19th)
· Spam Delivered via .ICS Files, (Wed, Oct 19th)
· ISC Stormcast For Wednesday, October 19th 2016, (Wed, Oct 19th)

Last Updated: Oct 23 19:48:00
·More NFL Players Attack Microsoft's $400M Surface Deal With The NFL
·Who Should We Blame For Friday's DDOS Attack?
·Photographer Glimpses Larry Page's Flying Car Hovering In California (Maybe)
·'Picat' Programming Language Creators Surprised With A $10,000 Prize
·Researchers Predict Next-Gen Batteries Will Last 10 Times Longer
·AT&T Buys Time Warner For $85B. Is The Mass Media Consolidating?
·"Splat" of Schiaparelli Mars Lander Likely Found
·A British Supercomputer Can Predict Winter Weather a Year In Advance
·Amazon May Handle 30% Of All US Retail Sales
·VeraCrypt Security Audit Reveals Many Flaws, Some Already Patched

Web Upd8 - Ubuntu / Linux blog
Last Updated: Oct 23 19:33:01
·Desktop Gmail Client `WMail` 2.0.0 Stable Released
·Prime Indicator Plus Makes It Easy To Switch Between Nvidia And Intel Graphics (Nvidia Optimus)
·Update Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Linux Kernel Without Rebooting With The Canonical Livepatch Service
·SpaceView: Ubuntu File System Usage Indicator
·FunYahoo++: New Yahoo Messenger Plugin For Pidgin / libpurple [PPA]
·Multiload-ng 1.4.0, GNOME Twitch 0.3.0, Sublime Text 3 Build 3126 [PPA Updates Part 2]
·Audacious 3.8, Terminix 1.3.0, Atom 1.11.1, MATE Dock Applet 0.75 [PPA Updates Part 1]
·Ubuntu 16.10 Available For Download [See What`s New]
·Vivaldi 1.4 Released With Theme Scheduling
·How To Install Avant Window Navigator In Ubuntu 16.04 Or Linux Mint 18
·QOwnNotes Is A Note Taking And Todo List App That Integrates With ownCloud
·Google Earth For Linux Update Brings Fixes For Panoramio Pictures And Various Linux Crashes
·Multiload-ng 1.2.0 Released With Color Schemes Support, More
·How To Install And Configure Bumblebee In Ubuntu 16.04 (With Nvidia-361 Or Nvidia-370)
·MATE Dock Applet Gets Unity-Like Progress Bar And Badge Support

Last Updated: Oct 23 20:18:01
·'I am not my face, I am not my body' claims woman who has spent $415k altering her face and body [Ironic]
·Photoshop this exploratory discovery [Photoshop]
·Old and busted: Drunk ignores flashing lights and hits squad car at accident scene. New hotness: Drunk hits helicopter at accident scene [Fail]
·You know what else your caffeine addiction is good for? Growing a tree to help save the planet [Spiffy]
·Photoshop this proud record holder [Photoshop]
·Worst hotel in Australia up for sale. This "festering flophouse" comes with drug dealers, murders and shirtless guests yelling abuse at passers-by while throwing buckets of water at them: "You'd be better off sleeping on a tram" [Amusi
·Store owner displays 'No Clowns Allowed' sign. Naturally, some clowns have a problem with this [Silly]
·How burglar-proof is your place? Why not hire a reformed burglar to test it out? "It took him just three minutes to break into my house" [Amusing]
·Police break into hot car in Suffolk to rescue child inside, surprising owner of car most of all: "I get a call from the police, and I don't have a baby so I'm like, 'Where'd the child come from? Who put the child in my car?'" [Facepalm]
·Pull up a stool and let's have a drink or three at the best Irish bar in the world ...which just happens to be in NYC [Spiffy]

Northern Star
Last Updated: Oct 23 19:33:02
·Homecoming week to end with bonfire
·Afri-fest to celebrate African culture in three events
·US comptroller talks money at NIU
·Election: Students vote for honesty
·Union to vote in bargaining officers
·Huskies of DeKalb
·Community to collect winter wear to help DeKalb residents
·Informational sessions to start for future NIU orientation leaders
·NIU celebrates 110th Homecoming parade Thursday
·New Hall to host Under the Sea dinner

Motley Fool
Last Updated: Oct 23 20:18:01
·Let’s Talk Leverage
·3 Smart Ways to Pass Your Wealth to Your Kids
·Should You Buy Fortinet Inc. On Its Double-Digit Drop?
·The 10 Most Important Years of Your Retirement Plan
·2 Things You Can Finance, but Never Should
·Netflix Stock in 3 Charts
·Surprise! Apple Inc. Is Losing Market Share in China
·Boston Beer Bubbles Up Despite Another Painful Quarter
·A Shocking Number of Obamacare Enrollees Are Set to Lose Their Plans in 2017
·Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Debacle Could Hurt Best Buy's Momentum

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Last Updated: Oct 23 20:18:00
·CMOC 0.1.33
·KeyBox 2.87.00
·PySpread 1.1
·QOwnNotes 16.10.8
·exiftool 10.31
·Lumina Desktop 1.1.0
·LaraAdmin 1.0.36
·youtube-dl 2016.10.21.1
·Linux kernel 4.8.3
·nmap 7.31
·Hibernate 4.2.25
·TXR Language 155
·QOwnNotes 16.10.7
·ffmpeg 3.1.5
·TextMate 2.0-beta.12.23
Last Updated: Oct 23 20:18:02
·One Day Suit Sale: Buy 1, Get 1 for $150 at
·Vera Bradley XL Throw Blanket $21.99 at ebay
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·LEGO Classic Gray Baseplate $10.79 at Walmart
·70" Samsung UN70KU6300FXZA 4K UHD Smart LED TV $1599 + $300 GC at Newegg
·10-lb. MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder $54 at SupplementHunt
·LG V10 64GB 5.7" Android Smartphone $279.50 at ebay
·Today only 80% Off Select Biographies & Memoirs at Amazon
·40% Off or More Kenneth Cole REACTION Women's/Men's Shoes at Amazon
·Intel Core i7-6700K Quad-Core 4GHz Processor $299.99 at ebay
·Alfred Hitchcock The Masterpiece Collection Blu-ray $89.99 at Amazon
·ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP200SA 2-in-1 Laptop $114.99 at Newegg

Tom's Hardware Guide Articles
Last Updated: Oct 23 20:18:02
·Mocap For Less: Noitom Perception Neuron Suit, Hands On
·The Week In CPUs And Storage: AMD Rising
·Best Deals: October 21
·(Update: Second Outage) Dyn DDoS Takes Down Major Websites For Hours; Yet Another Sign Of Powerful Attacks To Come
·Steam Giveaway And The Ultimate Bottlenecking Guide: Community Roundup
·AMD and Nvidia's Latest Drivers Add Support for 'Battlefield 1,' 'Civ VI,' 'Titanfall 2,' and VR Games
·Watch Us Play 'Battlefield 1' Today At 1pm PDT
·'Civilization VI,' Hands On: Making Each Turn Count (Update: Now Available)
·Choose Your Own VR: Onix VR Is Building A Modular HMD With A Curved 120Hz 4K Display
·Vrvana Totem Mixed Reality HMD Prototype: Beyond Expectations

Last Updated: Oct 23 20:03:00
·Trump Just Removed His Name from His Hotels Due to Plummeting Business?
·Statue of Liberty Made from Aleppo Rubble
·Ronald Reagan Beat Jimmy Carter in a Landslide Despite Trailing 6% in Polls?
·'Dance of the Hillary' Virus
·WalMart 'Suicide Scar Wound' Costume Provokes Outrage
·'Back to the Future II' Correctly Predicted Cubs World Series Win in 2015?
·National Guard Members Must Repay Thousands of Dollars in Enlistment Bonuses
·Hillary Clinton: 'I Will Get the NRA Shut Down for Good'
·Donald Trump's Marine Airlift
·Hillary Clinton Threw a Tantrum with Matt Lauer?

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