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·ESS Unix doc

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·Building sendmail


SANS Internet Storm Center
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·ISC Stormcast For Monday, August 21st 2017, (Sun, Aug 20th)
·It's Not An Invoice ..., (Sun, Aug 20th)
·tshark 2.4 New Feature - Command Line Export Objects, (Fri, Aug 18th)
·EngineBox Malware Supports 10+ Brazilian Banks, (Fri, Aug 18th)
·ISC Stormcast For Friday, August 18th 2017, (Fri, Aug 18th)
·Maldoc with auto-updated link, (Thu, Aug 17th)
·ISC Stormcast For Thursday, August 17th 2017, (Thu, Aug 17th)
·Analysis of a Paypal phishing kit, (Wed, Aug 16th)
·ISC Stormcast For Wednesday, August 16th 2017, (Wed, Aug 16th)
·(Banker(GoogleChromeExtension)).targeting("Brazil"), (Tue, Aug 15th)

Last Updated: Aug 21 04:18:03
·Elon Musk Backs Call For A Global Ban On Killer Robots
·Plex Responds, Will Allow Users To Opt Out Of Data Collection
·Ask Slashdot: How Can You Teach Programming To Schoolchildren?
·Alleged Yahoo Hacker Will Be Extradited To The US
·50,000 Users Test New Anti-Censorship Tool TapDance
·Bug In Lowe's Site Sold Goods For Free. Couple Arrested For Exploiting It
·FBI Accepts New Evidence in 46-Year-Old D.B. Cooper Case
·Red Hat Gives Ceylon To The Eclipse Foundation
·'Wing Commander' Music Composer Runs Kickstarter Campaign
·Researchers Win $100,000 For New Spear-Phishing Detection Method

Web Upd8 - Ubuntu / Linux blog
Last Updated: Aug 21 05:03:01
·YouTube-DL GUI 0.4 Ships With New User Interface, More [PPA]
·Nemo 3.4 Without Cinnamon Dependencies Available In PPA For Ubuntu 17.04 And 16.04
·Ambient Noise (ANoise) Player Fixed For Ubuntu 16.04 And Newer
·Tool To Create Bootable Windows USB Stick From Linux `WinUSB` (Fork) Renamed To `WoeUSB`, Sees New Release
·MATE Dock Applet Sees New Release
·Why Oracle Java 7 And 6 Installers No Longer Work
·Tilix (Previously Terminix) 1.5.8 And Guake 0.8.9 Available In PPA
·Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) Available For Download
·Pandora Radio Client Pithos 1.3.0 Released, Available In PPA
·New KDE Connect Indicator Ubuntu / Linux Mint PPA
·Polo Is An Interesting New GTK3 File Manager (Beta)
·Ubuntu 18.04 LTS To Use GNOME By Default; Unity 8 And The Phone To Be Discontinued
·Streamlink 0.5.0 Adds Support For Streaming Google Drive / Google Docs Videos
·Razer Peripherals Configuration GUI Polychromatic 0.3.8 Released With Overhauled Tray / AppIndicator
·PB For Desktop 5.0.0 Brings Support For SMS Notification Mirroring

Last Updated: Aug 21 05:03:02
·If you don't have the proper solar eclipse glasses, you can always use a colander, a welding helmet, or a Volvo XC60 [Spiffy]
·For the last time, pal - breaking into the church to get naked and drink the sacramental wine night is Tuesday, not Monday [Dumbass]
·Top five superstitions surrounding the solar eclipse. For safety, don't look at them directly [Strange]
·Thieves steal ATM using forklift. "Police now believe that these criminals might have some ties to the construction industry." That's some fine police work there, Lou [Amusing]
·Katie Couric: urine trouble [Sick]
·John McCain has been injured in a boating accident [NewsFlash]
·Groundbreaking study from the N.S. Sherlock Institute of Health shows that alternative cancer treatments lead to the alternative of surviving cancer [Obvious]
·Photoshop this flasher [Photoshop]
·Goths has something to do with the destruction of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. And no, real goths, not the idiots from high school [Interesting]
·Video of a trio doing racetrack loops over my Chicago hotel just now: A P-51, an F-22, and an A-10 [Cool]

Northern Star
Last Updated: Aug 21 04:48:01
·Physics department to host eclipse event
·Freeman assumes presidency with $360K base salary
·President Baker to resign June 30
·Dialogue leaves audience member unsatisfied; leaders learn from emotional event
·TKE and Black Student leadership plan future diversity dialogue
·Faculty Senate tables confidence vote again
·March gives students a voice
·Crime crackdown feared
·Dining hall offers Disney themed meal
·Students to help prevent sexual assault

Motley Fool
Last Updated: Aug 21 05:03:01
·2 Beaten-up Energy Stocks: Are They Dividend Bargains?
·From First to Worst: Ranking 8 Online Brokerages Based on Customer Loyalty
·Wal-Mart Just Showed Retailers What It Takes to Compete With Amazon
·Why You'll Have to Wait Until 2022 to Buy Volkswagen's Electric Microbus
·Ulta Beauty Inc. Earnings: 3 Things to Watch
·Here Are 2017's Best and Worst Cities to Retire
·Why Nordstrom Is Bucking the Trend in Department Stores
·Why Disney Is Going Over-the-Top With Sports Streaming
·How Do You Invest in Lyft Stock? Let Me Count The Ways
·Amazon's Strategy Is a Perfect Example for Growth Investors

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·noPoll 0.4.5
·ObjFW 0.90.1
·LimeSurvey 2.67.3 (build 170728)
·Mandos 1.7.16
·Atom 1.20.0-beta3
·µBlock 1.13.9rc4
·TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) 22.2
·sqlitebiter 0.11.0
·SQLiteBrowser 3.10.0
·BuildAMation 1.1.2
·exiftool 10.61
·ivykis 0.42.1
·MariaDB 10.2.8
·ChaosEsque Anthology 117i
·adx - addressbook.xml 1.16
Last Updated: Aug 21 05:03:02
·Dyson Up to 50% off Vacuums and Fans at ebay
·PowerBlock Large Compact Weight Stand $51.99 at Woot
·Blowout Sale Savings Up To 77% Off with Free Shipping at BuyDig
·Deal Of The Day: 40% Off Coleman Tailgating Essentials at Amazon
·Apple iPhone 6 w/ 32GB Prepaid Smartphone $199.99 at Walmart
·Up to 80% Off Weekend To Unwind Sale at Groupon
·Samsung 64GB MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card w/ Adapter $22.99 at Amazon
·Apple iPad Mini 4 WiFi 128GB Tablet (3 Colors) $279.99 at BestBuy
·Legion Y520 i7-7700HQ 15.6" 1080p IPS Laptop w/ GTX 1060 GPU $929.99 at Lenovo
·50% Off Men's 009 New Balance $54.99 + $1 Shipping at JoesNewBalanceOutlet
·Weekend to Unwind Sale With Up To 80% Off Personal Care at Groupon
·National Photography Day Flash Sale Save Up to $450 at Canon
·Proctor Silex Single-Serve Coffeemaker $16.88 at Walmart
·YI 4K Sports and Action Video Camera $154.99 at ebay
·Metal Garden Hose (50') Stainless Steel Hose $28.99 at Amazon

Tom's Hardware Guide Articles
Last Updated: Aug 21 04:48:00
·Acer Brandishes 8th Gen Intel Coffee Lake CPUs In New Nitro 5 Spin Notebook
·Intel Unveils 8th-Generation U-Series Processors, Kaby Lake Refresh Debuts
·BioWare Montreal Halts Single-Player, Story Update For 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'
·DICE Shows Off Starfighter Assault For 'Star Wars Battlefront II'
·Create Your Own Dino Park In 'Jurassic World: Evolution'
·Turn 10 Details PC Features For 'Forza Motorsport 7'
·Microsoft Reveals Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, New Xbox One S Bundle At Gamescom
·Intel's Coffee Lake Listed At Canadian Retailer, With Pricing
·Asus Announces the VivoBook Pro N580
·Watch Us Play 'Dauntless'

Last Updated: Aug 21 04:18:04
·Jerry Lewis, Comedian, Telethon Host, Dies at 91
·The Unsolvable Math Problem
·Comedian, Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory Dies at 84
·Tweet from ‘Unite the Right’ Organizer’s Account Attacks Charlottesville Murder Victim
·Answering Your Questions About the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
·7 Stabbed in Siberian Attack; Russia Skeptical of IS Claim
·Are Vigilante Protesters Digging Up Confederate Graves After Charlottesville Clashes?
·Were Police ‘Outgunned’ by White Supremacists Who Stashed Weapons Around Charlottesville?
·Citing Trump Remarks, Entire President’s Arts Council Quits
·White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, and Constitutional Limits on Free Speech

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