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Last Updated: Dec 31 18:00:00
·ESS Unix doc

Last Updated: Dec 31 18:00:00
·Building sendmail


SANS Internet Storm Center
Last Updated: Jan 19 16:48:02
·Infocon: green
·ISC Stormcast For Friday, January 20th 2017, (Thu, Jan 19th)
· ISC Stormcast For Thursday, January 19th 2017, (Wed, Jan 18th)
· Apple Garage Band Remote Code Exec Patched - v10.1.5 -, (Wed, Jan 18th)
· Oracle Quarterly Critical Patch Updates are out - time to patch all things Oracle!, (Wed, Jan 18th)
· Making Windows 10 a bit less "Creepy" - Common Privacy Settings, (Wed, Jan 18th)
· ISC Stormcast For Wednesday, January 18th 2017, (Tue, Jan 17th)
· a web api for SEIM phishing hunts , (Tue, Jan 17th)
· ISC Stormcast For Tuesday, January 17th 2017, (Mon, Jan 16th)
· Whitelisting File Extensions in Apache, (Sun, Jan 15th)
· ISC Stormcast For Monday, January 16th 2017, (Sun, Jan 15th)

Last Updated: Jan 19 17:18:00
·Zuckerberg Sues Hundreds of Hawaiians To Force Property Sales To Him
·Netflix Calls Out HBO For Not Letting Subscribers Binge On New Shows
·32% of All US Adults Watch Pirated Content
· Amazon Patent Hints at Self-Driving Car Plans
·Google Uses Search To Push Its Products: WSJ
·Tesla Avoids Recall After Autopilot Crash Death
·5G Internet is the 'Beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution'
·Some Colleges Have More Students From the Top 1 Percent Than the Bottom 60
·ProtonMail Adds Tor Onion Site To Fight Risk Of State Censorship
·Microsoft is Bringing Cortana To Android Lock Screen

Web Upd8 - Ubuntu / Linux blog
Last Updated: Jan 19 16:33:00
·Add A Searchable Command Palette To Any GTK3 Application Using Plotinus
·Secure Text Editor EncryptPad Sees New Release
·Integrate Your Android Device With Ubuntu Using KDE Connect Indicator Fork
·Nemo 3.2.0 With Unity Patches And Without Cinnamon Dependencies Available In New PPA For Ubuntu 16.04 And 16.10
·Vivaldi Browser Sees New Stable Release
·Recent Notifications Indicator Lets You Access Missed Desktop Notifications
·Bypass ISP Website Censorship With Alkasir 2.0
·Get A Live Preview Of A Window From Another Workspace With WindowSpy (Unity)
·Xfce Gets A `Do Not Disturb` Mode And Per Application Notification Settings
·Cross-Platform RTS Game 0 A.D. Alpha 21 Available For Download
·Ubuntu Budgie Becomes An Official Ubuntu Flavor
·Terminix 1.3.5 Released With Quake Mode Improvements
·NoNotifications Indicator 0.9 Released With New Features
·Install Streamlink (Livestreamer Fork) In Ubuntu Or Linux Mint Via PPA
·SafeEyes Protects You From Eye Strain When Working On The Computer

Last Updated: Jan 19 16:48:01
·Best Korea plans to assault the ocean once again [Stupid]
·Fark Food Thread: Gung hay fat choy.. and welcome to the year of the fire rooster. Do you have any recipes to celebrate Chinese New Year? Share to the right [Interesting]
·"Hey judge, fark you" - still not a sound strategy [Florida]
·It's important to check your rear view mirror when backing up. Got that, United Airlines pilot? [Fail]
·Why Hokkaido is Japan's "America." Or America is Britain's "Hokkaido" Either way, yee-haw, pardners [Interesting]
·Photoshop Admiral Benbow and his luxurious locks [Photoshop]
·Having absolutely NO other stories to report on, the BBC tackles the tough issues such as: "Why do we put 'The' in front of the country Gambia when talking about it?" [Interesting]
·Not gonna be deceased yet. Wouldn't be prudent at this juncture [Followup]
·Giving someone lottery tickets is a quick and easy way to scratch someone off your Christmas list and then yo THE BASTARDS WON WHAT???? [Fail]
·Sweden sets new record for wind speed, clocking in at 106.93 miles per hour or 394 börks per lutefisk [Scary]

Northern Star
Last Updated: Jan 19 17:18:00
·Poster sale to return to campus
·Winter Wonderland event to lead outdoor festivities
·Racism discussed in speech
·Obama’s final speech instills ideas of change
·Kevin Hart movie to show for free
·Speed dating event offers s'mores
·This week ahead
·What you missed over winter break
·Dean seeks program expansion
·New leaders ensure consistency

Motley Fool
Last Updated: Jan 19 16:48:01
·An Update to Our Foolish Terms and Conditions
·How HP Inc. Gained 26% in 2016
·Will Facebook's VR Efforts Be Derailed by ZeniMax?
·Why NXP Semiconductors NV Rose 16% in 2016
·How Big Is the Automotive Opportunity at Ambarella Inc?
·What Happened in the Stock Market Today
·How Silicon Laboratories Gained 37% in 2016
·Is There Any Growth Left for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation's Stock in 2017?
·The Best Mutual Funds to Buy in 2017
·Why Aaron's Inc Stock Dropped Today

Cool Web Sites

Last Updated: Jan 19 16:48:00
·youtube-dl 2017.01.18
·CakePHP 3.4.0-RC2
·Fusio 0.6.1
·abcm2ps 8.13.4
·radeontop 1.0
·VirtualBox 5.1.14
·FreezeFrame 0.3.1056
·Converseen 0.9.6
·Grav 1.1.13
·Kamailio SIP Server 4.4.5
·ClickMaster2000 1.0
·Rspamd 1.4.3
·Wget 1.19
·JPPF 5.2.4
·Lollypop 0.9.228
Last Updated: Jan 19 16:48:02
·TRYM II - The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit $14.99 at Amazon
·Dockers Gallagher Men's Leather Oxfords $34.99 at ebay
·103 Gallon Deck Box $49 at Walmart
·Bissell 1984 AirRam Cordless Vacuum $159.99 at Amazon
·10-Count mberry Miracle Fruit Tablet $9.99 at Tanga
·4-pack. 3oz Temptations Classic Cat Treat $4.86 at Amazon
·Bias HDTV USB Backlighting LED Lighting Strip $10.98 at Amazon
·DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter $734.99 at Electronics.woot!
·Up to 60% Off Handbags featuring ZAC Zac Posen & More at Amazon
·12oz. Dove Men+Care 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner $2.54 at Amazon
·Zero Time Dilemma PSVita $25.39 at Amazon
·Dell XPS 13 7th Gen Core i5 SSD 13.3" Ultrabook $882 at Dell
·2-Pack 2.6oz Suave Anti-Perspirant Deodorant $2.09 at Amazon
·Extra 30% Off on Sale Styles Plus Extra 10% Off After Coupon at Timberland
·Snow Joe 15" 11-Amp Electric Snow Blower Bundle $88 at Walmart

Tom's Hardware Guide Articles
Last Updated: Jan 19 16:33:00
·Google's Tilt Brush Toolkit Expands VR Sketches To Other Experiences
·Facebook Temporarily 'Bans' RT After Presumed Technical Failure
·VR Porn Embraces Smell-O-Vision So You Can Smell The Debauchery Too
·A Different Take On An Ambidextrous Mouse: The Asus Strix Evolve
·Biostar's B250 Motherboards Join The Race
·Toshiba To Spin Off Semiconductor Business, WD Possible Beneficiary
·'Last Stand' Expansion For 'The Division' Focuses On PvP Gameplay
·HTC Puts $10 Million On The Table To Inspire VR Developers To Better The World
·Carbon Studio’s ‘The Wizards’ Makes You A Powerful Spellcaster In VR
·ProtonMail Over Tor Can Now Increase Privacy, Security, And Censorship Resilience

Last Updated: Jan 19 16:33:00
·Maryland Lawmaker's Aide Fired For Creating Fake News Site
·Did Donald Trump Use a Receptionist's Desk and Notepad to Stage a Speechwriting Picture?
·Trump Reportedly Plans to Eliminate National Endowments for the Arts, Humanities
·Homeless Woman Holds Frozen Baby on Bench
·Did Hampton United Methodist Church Mock Trump on its Sign?
·Did Russia Mint an 'In Trump We Trust' Coin?
·Did Coretta Scott King Criticize Jeff Sessions' Record?
·Donald Trump to Block the Lincoln Memorial from View?
·Did President Obama Install a Life-Sized Bronze Statue of Himself in the White House?
·U.S. Abortions Are at an Historic Low, Study Says

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