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Last Updated: Dec 31 18:00:00
·ESS Unix doc

Last Updated: Dec 31 18:00:00
·Building sendmail


SANS Internet Storm Center
Last Updated: Mar 30 13:03:02
·Infocon: green
·Diverting built-in features for the bad, (Thu, Mar 30th)
· ISC Stormcast For Thursday, March 30th 2017, (Thu, Mar 30th)
· Critical VMware vulnerabilities disclosed, (Wed, Mar 29th)
· Logical & Physical Security Correlation, (Tue, Mar 28th)
· ISC Stormcast For Wednesday, March 29th 2017, (Wed, Mar 29th)
· ISC Stormcast For Tuesday, March 28th 2017, (Tue, Mar 28th)
· Symantec vs. Google: The CA Fight Continues. What do you need to know?, (Mon, Mar 27th)
· ISC Stormcast For Monday, March 27th 2017, (Mon, Mar 27th)
· Distraction as a Service, (Sat, Mar 25th)
· Nicely Obfuscated JavaScript Sample , (Fri, Mar 24th)

Last Updated: Mar 30 13:18:00
·Facebook Announces Crowdfunding Service To Back Causes Such As Medical Needs
·Britain Wants Tech Firms to Tackle Extremism
·Christopher Nolan and Sofia Coppola Urge Fans To Watch Films in Cinemas, Not On Netflix
·Airline Fined For Sending 3.3 Million Unwanted Emails
·Will VPNs Protect Your Privacy? It's Complicated
·Trolling Will Get Worse Before it Gets Better, Study Says
·Cisco Developing Standalone Networking OS, Report Says
·UW Professor: The Information War Is Real, and We're Losing It
·Ivanka Trump To Take Coding Class With 5-Year-Old Daughter
·The Guardian Interviews Valentina Tereshkova, the First Woman In Space

Web Upd8 - Ubuntu / Linux blog
Last Updated: Mar 30 12:48:00
·Code Editor `Brackets` 1.9 Released, Available In PPA
·GNOME 3.24 Released, See What`s New
·Qt5 Quick Launcher `Albert` 0.10 Adds New MPRIS And SSH Extensions, More
·Fix Dropbox Indicator Menu Not Working In Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus (Unity)
·Streamlink Twitch GUI 1.2.0 Adds Support For Communities And Team Pages, Basic Hotkeys
·Rclone 1.36 Released With SFTP And Local Symlinks Support, More
·Terminix Terminal Emulator Renamed To Tilix, Sees New Bugfix Release
·Automatically Organize Your Downloads Folder In Linux Using `Classifier` (Command Line)
·`PB For Desktop`: Cross-Platform Desktop App For Pushbullet (Supports Android Notification Mirroring On Linux Desktops)
·Todo Indicator Fork Adds Context Filtering [Quick Update]
·Fix VirtualBox 5.1.x Focus Issues On GNOME Desktops (Not Being Able To Move VM Windows In GNOME Shell, Clicking On Indicators In Unity)
·Meteo Qt Is A Nice Qt5 Weather Tray Application
·Import Your Geotagged Photos In Google Earth With Mapollage (KML File Generator)
·Firefox 52 Released With WebAssembly Support, Removes NPAPI Plugins Other Than Flash (Java, Silverlight)
·Lightweight Paint Software mtPaint 3.50 Dev Available In PPA For Ubuntu or Linux Mint

Last Updated: Mar 30 13:03:02
·"And now, a brief word from our sponsors. Hail, Xenu" [Strange]
·Kambalny volcano in the Kamchatka peninsula erupts for the first time in 250 years, forcing players to reroute their infantry, cavalry and artillery into Alaska, Mongolia and Irkutsk [Scary]
·Having solved all of our Russian woes, the Justice Department goes after America's greatest scourge: Illegal eel trafficking [Hero]
·The F-22 Raptor is now equipped with our most modern air-to-air missiles, but can't take full advantage of them since Raptor pilots prefer to wear monocles. No, really [Interesting]
·And just when you thought nothing good came from the Ivy Leagues, Yale brings us: the ultimate hangover cure [Hero]
·Trucker drives 47 hours non-stop from Seattle to Massachusetts with help of crystal meth, LSD and cocaine. Gets arrested. Baller [Hero]
·David Cameron admits he never liked the EU. But this is the Daily Mail so now it's doubtful David Cameron even exists [Awkward]
·The future of the internet will be decided by how we deal with Trolls. Interesting article about trolling to the left, Drew to the right [Interesting]
·Travel Protip: when waiting at the gate for your flight, if you discover the .38 snubbie that TSA missed in your purse, just keep it to yourself [Dumbass]
·Capitol hill errant driver to be issued handicapped plates [Followup]

Northern Star
Last Updated: Mar 30 12:18:04
·March gives students a voice
·Crime crackdown feared
·Dining hall offers Disney themed meal
·Students to help prevent sexual assault
·DeKalb to stay warm this week
·Food pantry to crowdfund
·Pet of the week
·Women honored in events throughout the month
·Community questions Jeff Sessions
·Veterans make home at NIU

Motley Fool
Last Updated: Mar 30 13:03:01
·Why NQ Mobile Inc. Stock Popped Today
·What Will Happen to Procter & Gamble Co's Shaving Business?
·Why Castle Brands Inc.'s Shares Popped 20% Today
·The 2 Credit Card Companies with the Most Loyal Customers
·Why "Positive" Data Knocked Down Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc Today
·Don't Be an April Fool: The Required Minimum Distribution Deadline Is April 1
·These 3 Retailers May Not Survive
·This Group of Energy Stocks Is Incredibly Cheap, Is It Time to Buy?
·Why Intel Corporation's Modem Won't Find Success Outside of Apple Inc.
·Why Shares of Extreme Networks Are Soaring Today

Cool Web Sites

Last Updated: Mar 30 13:03:00
·Quill Rich Text Editor 1.2.3
·SportsTracker 7.4.0
·schily 2017-03-30
·Docker 17.03.1-ce
·QOwnNotes 17.03.9
·HumHub 1.2.0-beta.4
·CloudI 1.7.0
·Seed7 - The extensible programming language 2017-03-28
·Seed7 - The extensible programming language 2017-03-05
·GeoToad 3.27.0
·Linux kernel 4.10.6
·CakePHP 3.4.4
·ArangoDB 3.1.16
·Mozilla Firefox 52.0.2
Last Updated: Mar 30 13:03:02
·Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7" 16GB With Pen $199.99 at BestBuy
·Amped Wireless AC1750 Wi-Fi Router + Plug-In Range Extender $122.99 at woot
·Men's Slim Washed Shirt $12.99 at JCrewFactory
·Adidas Women's CLIMALITE 3/4 Capri Workout Leggings $13.99 at ebay
·Up to 50% Off Jeans & More at Amazon
·Tide 150 oz. Original Scent HE Liquid Laundry Detergent $9.97 at HomeDepot
·Bella - DualBrew Single-Serve Coffeemaker $19.99 at ebay
·Pyle Universal Mount Rear View Backup Camera $16.20 at Walmart
·DEWALT Polisher w/ Soft Start w/ Wool Pad Kit $128 at Amazon
·60% Off Sitewide at TheChildren'sPlace
·36-Pack 1.5oz. Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers $8.20 at Amazon
·50% off Select Styles + Extra 30% off at
·Spring Black Friday Sale at
·Full Face Flat Black Speed & Strength Helmet Dot $39.49 at ebay
·Up to 40% Off select Razer PC Gaming Products at Amazon

Tom's Hardware Guide Articles
Last Updated: Mar 30 12:18:03
·Fake Nintendo Switch Emulators Distribute Potentially Harmful Software
·Samsung Galaxy S8 Pushes Face, Iris Scanning
·Bioware Acknowledges 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Criticism
·Telegram Introduces End-To-End Encrypted Voice Calls With Emoji Authentication
·AMD Ryzen's First Game Optimization: 'Ashes Of The Singularity: Escalation,' Tested
·'The Invisible Hours': A VR Murder Mystery
·AOC Releases 32" 4K Display, $500 Launch Sale
·Best Deals
·Ryzen Giveaway And 'Owlboy': Community Roundup
·Beam Streaming, Guide Improvements Come To Xbox One Today

Last Updated: Mar 30 12:18:02
·Did Evelyn Farkas Just Leak Information Confirming President Obama Spied on President Trump?
·The Roots of United States Immigration Policy
·Is Devin Nunes Invested in a Wine Company That Does Business in Russia?
·Is a Maine Crematorium Offering Free Cremations?
·Great White Sharks Spotted in Mississippi River?
·Chair of House Science Committee Says the Journal ‘Science’ Is Not Objective
·Did the Trump Administration Remove LBGT Categories from the 2020 Census?
·U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Disbarred for Misconduct?
·Crime In Sweden, Part I: Is Sweden the ‘Rape Capital’ of Europe?
·Man Found Dead in Belly of Python?

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